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Hi folks,

I have an issue with vlookup on table.
im trying to get the vlookup result in another sheet by referencing through
Gender_lookup table. I am using formula =VLOOKUP(TRIM(CLEAN([@[Gender
]])),Gender_lookup,2,0) which takes Gender value from current row in my
table and checks for corresponding Gender value in Gender_lookup table in
another sheet to return answer. i have raised same issue in bugzilla : for reference with all
attachments for reproducing issue easily.

I tried evaluating with
XSSFFormulaEvaluator.evaluateAllFormulaCells(workbook); which gives
exception as The column doesn't exist in
table Gender_lookup.

I need a solution without altering formula in excel if possible.
Please help me with your valuable attaching here screenshot and
sample file to test.

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