XMLBeans build rework / junit4 migration

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XMLBeans build rework / junit4 migration

Hi PJ,

it probably takes a few more days, as there a lots of test files.
But as an info, I've refactored the xmlbeans build and realized that there are lot of tests which aren't executed.
I try to also execute the "detailed" tests, but with JUnit3-style the ignore annotations are somehow ignored ..
Therefore I'm also migrating the tests to JUnit4-style.

Before pushing out a new version, we might want to run a bigger junit corpus.
For instance the extensions functions generate duplicated methods, but haven't seemed to be tested.

Currently my code base is a big mess, hence I haven't started to open tickets, as I'm not sure if this is just a local problem.

I'll be offline until 07.01.2019, so I'll continue next week.


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