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Kais Dukes

 Dear POI Developers,

 I am looking at using POIFileSystem's DocumentInputStream class to read
data. My data is scattered throughout a stream, and so I need random access.
Looking the implementation, we see a DocumentInputStream._current_offset
integer, which points to the current offset. Ideally, I would like to access

 As far as I can tell, I can see three options for random access:

 (1) Just read the entire stream input a byte[] array, and read sections I
need. This works, its fast, but is very memory inefficient.
 (2) Add an additional method to DocumentInputStream to set the offset
(probably a bad idea), or change _current_offset from private to protected
to allow to it to subclassed (better, but still involves modifying a POIFS
 (3) Write my own custom stream, with random access support, e.g.
RandomAccessStream. More tricky, dont want to do this if I dont have to :-)

 Any suggestions for how to perform random access reads on a POI
DocumentInputStream would be most appreciated.

 Best Regards,

 -- Kais

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