JDK 12 enters Rampdown Phase Two

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JDK 12 enters Rampdown Phase Two

Rory O'Donnell
  Hi Dominik,

**OpenJDK builds *- JDK 12 Early Access build 28 **is now available **at
: - jdk.java.net/12/*

  * Per the JDK 12 schedule [1], we are now in Rampdown Phase Two.
      o For more details , see Mark Reinhold's email to jdk-dev mailing
        list [2]
      o The overall feature set is frozen, no further JEPs will be
        targeted to this release.
      o Per the JDK Release Process [3] we now turn our focusto P1 and
        P2 bugs.

**OpenJDK builds *- JDK 13 Early Access build 4 is **now available **at
: - jdk.java.net/13/*

  * These early-access, open-source builds are provided under the
      o GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath
        Exception <http://openjdk.java.net/legal/gplv2+ce.html>.
  * Release Notes:
      o http://jdk.java.net/13/release-notes
  * Changes in this build

Blog Updates from Java SE Product Management since last email.

  * Oracle Java SE Releases FAQ [3]
  * Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap [4]


[1] http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk/12/#Schedule
[2] http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/jdk-dev/2019-January/002537.html
[3] https://blogs.oracle.com/java-platform-group/oracle-java-se-releases-faq
[4] https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/java-se-support-roadmap.html

Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA , Dublin, Ireland