Intermediate regression test run

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Intermediate regression test run

Dominik Stadler

In order to verify some XMLBeans locking/contention fix I re-ran the
regression tests with the latest POI-Snapshot, results are at

there are a number of items newly flaged as regressions compared to 4.0.1:

* 803 failures due to missing dependency on batik, I will add this optional
dependency on the next regression run, so this is expected for now
* a number of function-related failures because integration tests now try
to resolve all formulas/functions during text-extraction testing, this is
* some failures in Slideshow/HSLF/... due to new features that we support
* some failures in HWMF due to new features that we support

The failures are still very rare and may well be caused by documents that
are slightly corrupted or do not adhere fully to standards.