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Formula Evaluator - Parse error

dejan ikodinovic

I m working with parsing excel sheet using Apache POI 4.1.0 and having issue parsing formula:
=IFERROR(VLOOKUP([@[Building ID]], Buildings!A:F,2,FALSE), "")
As you can see on the MS Excel sheet everything is fine - source_sheet_1.PNG

When I debug I see the formula in the format slightly different (guess this is OK):
IFERROR(VLOOKUP([[#This Row],[Building ID]], Buildings!A:F,2,FALSE), "") 

I get an error in the console like:
Error in formula evaluator Parse error near char 16 '[' in specified formula 'IFERROR(VLOOKUP([[#This Row],[Building ID]], Buildings!A:F,2,FALSE), "")'. Expected number, string, defined name, or data table

I checked execution and found the exception thrown in method.

Please check the attached screenshots. I hope it ll help to reproduce this error. 
Do you have any suggestions or something I can do about this?
Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Dejan Ikodinovic

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