[Bug 55713] DataValidation, getErrorStyle(), getEmptyCellAllowed() flags are wrong

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[Bug 55713] DataValidation, getErrorStyle(), getEmptyCellAllowed() flags are wrong

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I can confirm the problem with the errorStyle.

I you have a data validation with errorStyle = STOP, then
DataValidation.getErrorStyle() will return WARNING. I added an example and
junit test showing the problem.

I looked into the .xslx file internals and noticed that Excel does not save the
errorStyle attribute in the XML schema if the errorStyle equals STOP. So it
seems that the default value for errorStyle is wrong.

DataValidation.getEmptyCellAllowed() seems to work fine for me. I think the
problem is the name which is quite missleading compared to the Excel UI.
At least in the German Excel the attribute "emptyCellAllowed = true" equals to
the option "ignore empty cells".

I think this is because the Excel UI wants to tell me something like "we won't
check empty cells" but the implementation defines it like "empty cells are
always valid".

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