[Bug 54750] [PATCH] Modify SXSSFWorkbook to allow modification of existing cells

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[Bug 54750] [PATCH] Modify SXSSFWorkbook to allow modification of existing cells

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--- Comment #4 from Javen O'Neal <[hidden email]> ---
POI is a volunteer project developed in people's spare time. If you have an
interested or a pressing need for a particular bug, the quickest way to
resolution is to develop a patch yourself and submit it.

The patch from comment 0 cannot be applied to the trunk as is. If you have
time, rebase the patch, add appropriate unit tests, and test your changes
against the unit test suite to make sure the changes don't break another part
of POI.

For bugs that affect software projects at my day job, I sometimes as my manager
if I can use company time to develop a fix. You might try this route if you
don't want to sink your personal time into this.

We plan on releasing POI 3.17 beta 1 this summer and 3.17 final will likely be
Q4 2017 or Q1 2018, depending on developers availability and volume of user
contributions. YAs soon as a suitable patch for this bug is submitted and a
developer has time to review the patch, the changes will be applied to trunk
and included in the following release.

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