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[Bug 54353] different colors of chart

Bugzilla from bugzilla@apache.org

--- Comment #4 from Greg Woolsey <[hidden email]> ---
If the file specifies to use Excel's default color palette, that depends on the
document or system theme colors.  "Automatic" setting doesn't store the color
info in the XLSX document.  Thus two different installations of Excel could
have different default color schemes that apply to automatically colored
elements like chart series.

If you want consistency explicitly define a default theme in the document.
Easiest I've found is to use Excel to create a theme I want, set it as the
document theme, save an empty document, and use it as a template in POI - open
a copy of that document and add your data/charts etc. to it every time.  Faster
than figuring out how to code a theme in my experience.

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