Array formula evaluation: bug or missing feature?

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Array formula evaluation: bug or missing feature?

I'm facing a problem in array formula evaluations though FormulaEvaluator.evaluate(Cell).
Especially when I try to do it on a formula cell containing SUMIFS function with range criteria.
I did some source code analysis of Baseifs.evaluate(ValueEval[], OperationEvaluationContext), which Sumifs class inherits. After that, I realize that, when there is no error, a NumberEval is always returned.
This seems to prevent any array result support, whereas Excel handles it correctly.

Do you think it is a bug, or an actual limitation ? I think it is the second case, but I need more feedback, in the case I missed something important.
This is a problem in my application, because it needs to evaluate complex formulas (and store their result), such as these SUMIFS wrapped into aggregate functions (like SUMPRODUCT).

Thanks in advance.

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